Tour groups

There may be several good reasons to spend some days in Palermo. Whether you are on a quick

business trip, a guest at an event or, even better, you scheduled your journey to discover our

town, we will be glad to offer exclusive proposals, tailored on your available time and requirements,

to discover hidden treasures and peculiar, unforgettable itineraries inside Palermo: the capital city of Sicily.

Our specialized tour-guides will drive you, and your guests, around Palermo, eager to unveil the

tales and the truths of the millenary secrets kept in the old town.

Their competence and passion will ensure a truly different and enticing visiting experience.

Our tours are imagined to be engaging and relaxing.

It will be our pleasure to lead you in the exploration of places rich both in art and history. We offer tours that are purposely designed for travellers visiting Palermo; classic or tailored itineraries are available, in italian and/or english, french, spanish, german.

We take care of artistic amusement and worldwide recognised local food culture by organising special lunches,
dinners and tastings of the very special sicilian food and wines.

The traveller’s needs and interests are the guiding star of our proposal, because travellers both want to visit and enjoy the places, breath the life within, surrounded by nature alongside culture and local traditions.

Just on request for groups of at least 10 people, panoramic tours of the town including a live music

performance, brunch or nice aperitivo, are available for some periods of the year, mostly in the high


The calendar of our tours is set weekly in advance.

Every experience we propose will be tailored to your needs, curiosities and passions, from the

Deluxe EditionTours (available for 2 – 4 people at least) to the more affordable, still very special,

experience designed for wider groups.